How to purchase stainless steel squatting pan


  Now lots of people know squatting toilets are usually made by porcelain, few consumers know there have stainless steel squat toilet. So how about stainless steel squatting pan? Today, let me introduce how stainless steel squatting pan is and how to purchase a good stainless steel squatting pan.

  Stainless steel squatting pan usually made by #304 and then get through hydraulic press into the basin, plate, and then through the welding forming.  Stainless steel squatting pan have corrosion resistance, light does not fade, no wear, durable, easy to clean, good safety.

  It is suitable for mobile toilets or onboard toilet, public places. Stainless steel squat toilet is divided into non occlusion and occlusion, human design on both sides of the bulge, the width of moderate.

1. surface lines smooth, simple, high brightness, better able to highlight the master's life sentiment, noble taste.

2, the use of national material #304 stainless steel plate production, beautiful, safe, sturdy, durable.

3, the use of strong cold and temperature changes in the region will not burst, anti impact, strong shock resistance.

4, there is a complete sprinkler system, sewage effect significantly.

5, easy disassembly, easy to damage, can be moved according to need.

6, turn on the water, direct use, convenient and quick

How to purchase Stainless steel squatting pan?

1.     Outside of whole: well-know stores have their own characteristics, with a model, to prove their strength in a variety of qualification placed in a more obvious position. The sample is placed neatly, beautiful, can reflect from a side of the manufacturer’s own brand attention and intentions.

2.     Outside of surface: high-grade stainless steel squatting pan surface is really bright, no surface with rugged feeling. The squatting pan surface is relatively dark, scratch.

3.     Try to squatting pan flush: it is main function of flushing and squatting pipeline design is scientific and reasonable also biggest factor affecting flushing.



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