Stainless Steel Sanitary Production Process


  Stainless steel sanitary is much more popular. It can be used in many application , such as hospital, school,jail,public area and so on.

  Let us have a more understanding about stainless steel products.

  First of all, machine cutting: When milling, stainless steel also should be protected. After machine cutting, the oil and slags on the work pieces should be cleaned off.

  Then, stainless steel material will be oil punching and bending. When roll bending, effective measures should be taken to avoid the scratches and creases.

  Welding: This part is most difficult for the all production process. All welded goods should be passed water leaking test. Before welding , the oil , rust, dust and other contamination should be cleaned off very carefully. With professional engineer team and skillful workers,  welding parts would be applied preferentially.After welding, slags and spattering substances would be cleaned off.

  Polish: Our goods has bright and satin surface finish. Because of the nicer surface finish, the toilet can be easy to be clean and it will be looked nicer .

  QC department will have flushing test and water leaking test for all goods before package.

  In order to protect the goods , we pay attention to the package. Transport during the processing, vehicles should be applied , such ad trolley , electric power cart and so on.  It should be clean and it should have isolated area to avoid the dust , oil and rust. To avoid the collision and scratches, dragging should be forbidden.

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