304# Stainless steel


Today,we will introduce to you the stainless steel.


First,how to distinguish 304 and 201 stainless steel

1.It can be distinguished by eyes and touch.If it looks shiny and smooth to the touch,it is 304;while the color is dark and rough to the touch,it is 201.

2.It can be distinguished by polishing equipment,and the fire produced by polishing is less If it is short,it is 304;otherwise,it is 201. 

3.It can be distinguished by fingerprints.If the fingerprint is easy to erase,it is 304;if it is not easy to erase,it is 201.


Second,how to maintain stainless steel

1.At home,this kind of material is often used in the kitchen,and the kitchen is used very frequently,so pay attention to daily cleaning,otherwise it is easy to leave traces,which will affect the overall appearance.In addition,there will be salt,vinegar,soy sauce and other substances in the kitchen,which will cause certain corrosion to stainless steel,and may cause damage to the surface film in the long run.


2.Although this type of product is very convenient to use,it is still necessary to do a good job of cleaning.In daily life,we can use a dry cloth to dry the water before placing it.In addition,regular finishing can also be carried out,which can further ensure the beauty and life of stainless steel.


3.When using it normally,avoid scratching it with items such as iron wire and steel wire,because it is easy to leave marks on the surface,and the stainless steel will lose its effectiveness in the long run.If there is a lot of dirt,oil stains,etc.left on the surface,it can be cleaned with a weak detergent.After cleaning,it should be washed with water in time to reduce corrosion.

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