Bathroom Trouble


Are you making innocent for the dirty bathroom ?

Kuge , we will help you to solve all kinds of bathroom solutions.


Kuge , we mainly produce stainless steel sanitary wares, stainless steel toilet, stainless steel urinal,stainless steel basin, and so on.


ADVANTAGES for Touch-free products:

  • Reduce the using time: an automatic closing tap in public pacilities allows to drastically decresse water consumpption, water only flows during cleaning time.

  • Optimized hygiene: the touch-free activation aviods germs from spreading. The units stays clean longer.

  • Design and modern technology improves your sanitary space and adapts to any decoractive style.

  • Easy to install and clean.

  • Comfortable and easy to use, particularly for people with reduced mobiliy, elderly people and children.


Comparing with the traditional ceramic sink, stainless steel sink have many advantages.

Ceramic sink is very easy to be broken .Our sink is made of SUS 304, high quality raw material.

Stainless steel material is strong .For the basin bowl, we used the 1.2mm stainless steel . If you use this model of stainless steel sink in the sea on the sail, we recommend you to use 316 stainless steel material. 316 stainless steel material products will have strong corrosion resistant. 316 stainless steel products will be your good choice.


The Kuge range of Urinals have been expertly designed and manufactured with your requirements in mind. Every Kuge Urinal is manufactured fro 100% stainless steel to offer a scratch-resistant, corrosion-free, hardwearing and durable product that is bound to provide a lifetime of satisfaction, even when installed in the most demanding commercial environments.


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