How to unclog the toilet quickly when the toilet is blocked


Would you feel bad if your toilet get blockage?Today let's talk about how to unclog the toilet easily.The toilet blockage is generally caused by the following conditions:the toilet is dropped into foreign objects,the toilet is aged and fouled,the toilet flush force is insufficient,the toilet is installed improperly,etc.

Foreign matter block toilet solution:The soft object can be directly used with the pipeline dredging machine to hook out the blockage with a dredging spring.If it is a hard object to clog the toilet,sometimes it can be removed directly,such as a comb,long brush,iron spoon,etc.However,it is generally less likely that the toilet will be uncovendered,as the bowl entrance is large,the outlet is down,and the interior of the toilet is an s-curve,so breaking or striking out is not possible.

The aging of the toilet bowl can clog the toilet,finding the fouling plugging point,which can quickly clear the toilet.

Small flush water in the toilet tank also causes clogging of the toilet,which is now the most used of the siphoning toilet,which is not sufficiently strong to clog the toilet.Adjust the water level of the tank.

If the toilet is installed improperly,it is sometimes possible to seal the dead screw holes in order to install securely,which may cause clogging of the toilet.There are also many craters to change seats,because of the early thorough dredging the bottom of the sewer.There are also many squat pits to change their seats,due to advance completely clear the bottom of the sewer.

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