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At the end of 2022, Kuge , it is very proud to be one of the supplier of the Italy public building project. We finished public city bathroom project, offering stainless steel squatting pan , stainless steel floor standing toilet, stainless steel corner wash basin.


Some high light features of stainless steel products to be shared with you.

1. Durable and long service life : stainless steel material have strong anti correction.  

2. Hygiene : Stainless steel sanitary wares is easy to be cleaned and do the daily maintenance. In the daily life, we need to use soft clothes to clean . Dont use strong acid detergent .

3. Environment friendly : Stainless steel products , they can be recycle used . All is made of the recycled material. It is friendly to the environment.


In this city public project, the applied products are stainless steel toilet, basin, squatting pan.

Stainless steel toilet with cistern :

It has strong water saving .

On the toilet top, we install the toilet with stainless steel cover seat lid.

Stainless steel cover seat with lid is strong and durable. Comparing with the traditional PVC toilet cover seat, stainless steel ones is safer and more durable.


Stainless steel wash basin :

This model of basin , it is easy to installed in the corner.  It can be used in many applications.

For the basins tap, KUGE will also offer various models for your choices.


Stainless steel squatting pan :

We use wash down stainless steel squatting pan with cistern. It has a large waste pipe. And the surface finish is smooth.


More project cases pls check our website and find more information. :)


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