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  • Why wash basin and WC combination is popular in prison and made of stainless steel?

Why wash basin and WC combination is popular in prison and made of stainless steel?


First,the prison is a high security place,and the goods in prison must be anti-damage,vandal resistant and no any harm to prisoners.It is more safer.

Second,the prison room is small,goods must be with function but save space.The wash basin and wc combination are one piece made it is save space,and water saving.The stainless steel handbasin water flow into the toilet bowl and wash the toilet bowl.

Third,the wash basin and wc combination for prison use are normally made of 304 or 316 stainless steel.Stainless steel is easy clean,no rust.

Fourth,stainless steel wash basin wc combination is long lifespan,it is not broken during the using time.High rigidity and strong.Obviously the ceramic toilets doesn't have such a specific function.

Fifth,stainless steel is recyclable material,it is green material.Stainless steel toilet weight is lighter than ceramics.

For application that demand a high degree of security.More and more countries begin to use metal sanitary products,it is especially for public bathroom,such as prison,army,hospital,clubs,schools and so on.Apart from stainless steel toilet there are many sanitary wares are made of stainless steel,such as stainless steel wash basins,stainless steel urinals,stainless steel shower trays,stainless steel squat toilet pans,stainless steel shower etc.Stainless steel sanitary wares are more and more popular in public bathroom.

stainless steel combination toilet stainless steel prison toilet

prison toilet stainless steel combination toilet

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