KUGE Stainless steel toilet


Kuge can solve all kinds of bathroom solution problems .

Kuge , we are a professor of bathroom products. Stainless steel toilet, squatting pan, urinal, shower tray, sink and all kinds of bathroom accessories, ( flush valve, soap dispenser, trash can, grad bar and hand dryer) .

Whats more, our toilets use superior raw material, 304 or 316 stainless steel, it has sufficient thickness and stable construction that made it can't be broken and its feature is highly resistant to crash and bump. In addition, we can offer different sizes of outlet and inlet according to customer demand. And OEM is acceptable and it has high security level as all accessories are fixed and really suitable for prisons.

Its surface can be polish finish, hair-line finish or satin finish. The water in the wash basin can be drained together through the toilet, which has the advantages of being convenient to use, saving space, and making better use of water resources. As a combination toilet, it can be used at schools, public toilets, trains, prison, mobile toilet and so on. Besides, you can see an elegant and generous in appearance.

Hello, every one, today we will shown our this years  project case to you . Hope it will bring something new idea and also help to you. :)


Kuge website:http://www.sstoiletkuge.com

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