Maintenance of stainless steel surfaces


KUGE ,our products are constructed from high quality stainless steel plate to provide a non-corrosive, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing finish when used as intended - in chlorine free environments, water, contaminated water, food and organic acids up to pH 5.5 - Requires regular care and cleaning.


Always rinse thoroughly with plenty of water after cleaning!


If mechanical cleaning is required, do not use any metal implements, but e.g. brushes made of plastic or natural fibers. Always wash with plenty of water.


Do not use hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid or caustic soda to clean stainless steel. Even acid vapors - such as those formed when cleaning tiles with hydrochloric acid - can damage stainless steel.

If hydrochloric acid gets on the surface, it must be rinsed off immediately and thoroughly with water.


It is forbidden to clean corrosion-resistant steel with hard objects, steel wool or other cleaners or tools that can scratch or damage the chromium oxide layer.


If any foreign matter, rust or discoloration is found on the surface, it must be removed immediately to prevent further corrosion. New rust can be removed with a fine abrasive or fine polishing paper.


When the corrosion is serious, it must be pickled with 15-20% nitric acid to remove the rust. This method is dangerous, so it should only be done by qualified personnel! Afterwards, it is especially important to rinse with plenty of water.


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