Tips for choosing a toilet


The toilet is the essential ingredient in the bathroom, and generally speaking, consumers are going to be focusing on the waste of a toilet, of course this does not have a problem. If you want to buy yourself a satisfied seat, you have to determine the following six key questions.

  • The discharge mode of toilet seat: Figure out whether the drain pipe of the toilet is the P-trap(the drain pipe is embedded in the wall) or the S-trap (sewer pipe is buried in the ground), according to the layout of the sewage pipe, whether to buy a P-trap toilet seat.

  • The center distance of the toilet seat: Master the distance from the wall to the center of the drain pipe. This distance is the basis for choosing the hole spacing of the toilet seat. Generally, the interior architecture in the south is 300mm hole and the north is 400mm.

  • The color of the toilet: The customer chooses the color of the toilet seat according to the overall decoration style of the room.

  • The size of the toilet: The customer should choose based on the size of his room. Generally speaking, European and American brands, suitable for large bathrooms. And Asian style suits small bathroom.

  • The water saving performance of the toilet: The performance of water saving can't be ignored. This is a long-term conservation project, and the current standard of water is up to six liters, and over seven or eight liters of toilets are never purchased.

  • The structure of the toilet: The toilet seat has the whole and the split body two kinds, the split water closet is generally fixed by big screws, and it's easy to break after a long time. In addition, it is recommended that you buy a fixed seat in the ground, the stability of the wall-mounted toilet is weaker than the ground device.

stainless steel toilet

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