Tips for toilets


Dual flush toilet

Using the pressurized air to form thrust, the flushing of the toilet is faster, the water is larger, the water is not leaking, it has a powerful drainage function. The biggest advantage of the dual flush toilet is the water pipe is relatively simple, and the process is short, after sewage function of greater efforts, it can be washed clean filthy. But also water-saving, non-clogging, washing strength and so on. The biggest drawback is that the sound a bit big, small reservoirs, easy to form dirt.

Siphon toilet

Siphonic toilets used drainage structure, like a horizontal "S" type. After the water is full, there will be a certain water level difference. Because the siphon type toilet does not rely on the water impact force, it drains the dirt with the suction of the water, so the water in the water tank will be more. But the flushing sound is not as big as the direct-flush toilet, but also has a very good deodorant function, you can wash away the dirt inside the pipe. The only drawback is that much water, with a certain amount of water before they can achieve their goals, each require at least 8 liters of water, relatively speaking, more waste. Drainage diameter smaller, easy to plug, so you can not throw paper in it.

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